"I have known Laura for over 25 years. It wasn't long into the relationship before I knew that Laura has a sensitive soul. She has a huge heart with which to see people and their struggles. It came as no surprise when she started studying Reiki. I know she will excel in this field. Recently she has been helping me with some health issues and has brought her healing touch. Help with healing my physical body and very helpful in healing my soul and mind.I have turned to her for guidance, her response has been quick and spot on with what I needed to do. Her positive comments help bolster me as well. I look forward to her healing touch in the future. Well done Laura!! I am blessed to know you."

Karen Graehl Lewis

"My experience with Laura and her Reiki gift was extraordinary! This was my first time and I was so pleased with the process and outcome. I didn't really know what to expect, and what I found and felt was that I was in a calm state of peace. It was so soothing and relaxing, even more so than a massage. Her hands hovered above my body the entire time and never made contact but I felt as though all the toxins and negative energy were being withdrawn from my being. I will absolutely go back to Laura and recommend her highly! She is a gentle soul with a healing touch!"

Marya Nordenhok

"I've had the pleasure of working with Laura twice now and both times were impressive. The first time she gave distance Reiki to my toddler, who was quite ill with an upper respiratory infection. Immediately after the Reiki he fell asleep. The next morning he was markedly better. The second time she sent distance Reiki to my 5 year old, who was sick with a fever. The next morning he was 100% better, allowing us to go on a family weekend trip. I'm very grateful for Laura and highly recommend her."

Sarah Mott

"I’ve done many sessions with Laura. Her practice is very solid with great results personally. While going through a difficult time in my life, I was unable to sleep through the night as I was in turmoil. Were it not for her treatments, I don’t know how I would have made it. I highly recommend trying a session with her. Intuitively, she is able to assist with the most important needs for your whole being at the time you see her."

Chris Owen

"I have had the pleasure to get to know Laura this year. One thing was apparent immediately, and that was, we shared a connection. I learned that she was a Reiki Master! I had been introduced to Reiki some years ago, and it was always very intriguing. I also learned of Laura's interest and calling to work with children/people with Autism. Having a 14 year old son, Josh, with Autism, I was so curious to have Laura share her gift with him! We arrived at her home and she was so warm and let Josh take time to explore. Knowing he probably would not lay on her treatment table, she allowed him to roam about, and sit on the couch to receive the Reiki. I was really shocked at how peaceful and open Josh was to receiving the Reiki! During the session, Laura held her hands very close to Josh, but did not touch him. My instinct told me that Josh would push her hands away, but he never did. I am anxious to explore more sessions with Laura and Josh in the future. Since then, I have had several Reiki sessions with Laura. What I experienced after the sessions, was an extreme sense of calm, and peace. I believe that Laura truly has a gift to offer, and I would highly recommend her!"

Veronica Hoggatt

"Laura started doing reiki with my son, who has a rare genetic disorder which causes developmental delays and limited verbal communication. Within a few sessions over the course of a couple months, my son has been vocalizing more approximations of words and phrases. Many people have seen this change in him. My daughter has also received reiki from Laura for a broken arm and various bumps and bruises and she felt so great she asks for reiki all the time."


Leah Mckenzie